Joining the Patriots

You will need to be a competent, licensed motorcycle rider, capable of riding in, and keeping up with the pack on Club rides. You must have a motorcycle capable of open road cruising to destinations across the country.

Once your application has been received by the Secretary it will be submitted to the General Committee for initial consideration. NOTE that you MUST have evidence of service with a military arm for full membership. On sign-off by the Committee you will be advised by the Sgt at Arms if your application has been successful.

If successful you will be added to the Club’s email list and invited to join our Facebook page, both of which update members and applicants on what’s happening and coming up for the Club. You will be invited to attend the next Club meeting where you will introduce yourself to the members, giving an insight into your Service history, family status, current employment environment, and anything else relevant to your application to become a full member of the Patriots (getting to know you). At this stage you will be known as a ‘Nom’.   The Quartermaster will order you a name badge (cost will be included in your joining pack on acceptance) and mail this to you.  You will be expected to wear your name badge on your vest from that point on.

You will then be invited to ride with the Club at any events attended by the Patriots on our ride calendar.

Before being voted in as a badged member you will need to have completed an overnight run on at least one of three that are undertaken throughout the year, which will include you leading the pack on a segment of the ride. This is arranged with the Road Captain in charge of the ride. In instances where an overnight run is not readily available, as an alternative, it has been known for a Nom to put on a BBQ after leading the pack on the ride to the selected location. Bribery and a beer is always well received!

The Sgt at Arms is responsible for Club discipline; he is your mentor on joining the Club. Stay in touch with him and ask any questions you may have throughout the joining process. Remember – we’re here to ride bikes and socialise with like-minded military mates and overall to have fun. We actively encourage member’s partners to come along to our events, as partners are an important component of the Club environment.

Current Sgt at Arms – Macca   Mob: 021 935 726 Email: