Joining the Patriots

You will need to be a competent, licensed motorcycle rider, capable of riding in, and keeping up with the pack on Club rides. You must have a motorcycle capable of open road cruising to destinations across the country. It is important that you fully understand the level of riding competency required to become a member of the Patriots DFMC. If at this time you believe you do not meet the requirement, please let us know.

Once your application has been received and approved by the Secretary you will be added to the Patriots Facebook page and email contact list. The two channels of communication used by the club are email and Facebook. Facebook is where it all happens – rides, events, photos, etc, and communications to and from the members. It is important to note that Facebook is not an avenue for venting or causing disharmony within the club therefore common courtesy in its use is required at all times. Content should generally be Patriots business.

At this stage you are now an ‘Applicant’ to the club and you are required to attend the next monthly club meeting held on the third Sunday of the month where you will introduce yourself to the members. Once introduced  you become a Nom member of the club and the Quartermaster will order your name badge for your vest (you will be invoiced for this).

Noms are required to step up and get fully involved in Club activities from the outset. If you are on the books and have only attended a couple of rides in the first 3 months you may be removed from the membership list (NB: exceptions are made for serving personnel.)

The Sgt at Arms is responsible for Club discipline; he is your mentor on joining the Club. Stay in touch with him and ask any questions you may have throughout the joining process. You will also be assigned a riding mentor initially until we are comfortable with your riding ability.

Remember – we’re here to ride bikes and socialise with like-minded military mates and overall to have fun. We actively encourage member’s partners to come along, as partners are an important component of the Club environment.

Current Sgt at Arms – Macca   Mob: 021 935 726 Email:

Patriots DFMC Application Form